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Real-time and long-distance

Log-LR is a real-time data logger for temperature and humidity logging with an amazing range. The data collected by a Log-LR is automatically uploaded to the Loggs Cloud anytime a logger is connected wirelessly to a Cloud-Link LR device.

A Log-LR automatically looks for available connections to your Cloud-Link LR, making its use extremely easy.

Thanks to its long range and the radio technology used, Log-LR excels in circumstances where a high amount of measuring points exist in the same area, eg. monitoring construction sites and residence conditions.

  • Up to 5 km/ 3.1 mi wireless range
  • Low battery alerts
  • Three-year battery life
  • IP54-protected
  • Adjustable frequency of measurement
  • Precision of ±3.0 %RH ±0.3°C

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Pricing: Rent 11€ / month | Buy 149€ (VAT 0)

Cloud-Link LR

Reliable data transmission

The Cloud-Link LR combines low-energy radio technology and GSM-connections in a single device. Data can be collected quickly and reliably from up to a hundred sensors at the same time.

Using the digital output connection built into it, a Cloud-Link LR can transfer data even into external systems to eg. enable automated ventilation control.

    • In-built UPS battery
    • Blackout alerts
    • SIM-slot ja an internal GSM modem
    • A durable metallic build

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Pricing: Rent 33€ / month | Buy 349€ (VAT 0)


Small and cost-efficient temperature and humidity logger

Log-BT is a small and affordable data logger that includes temperature and humidity sensors in its basic configuration. Log-BT comes with an internal battery that can last for up to 5 years in use. Log-BT saves the logged data to its internal memory, which can be read with the Loggs App (for Android and iOS) via a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection.

Log-BT is an excellent solution for cold chain tracking, circumstance monitoring during transportation and at construction sites.

Log-BT always comes with the Loggs Cloud service. All the history is saved to the Cloud for you to observe. More information on the Loggs Cloud.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Small: 35x78mm
  • Screen
  • Memory for 14 000 points of measurement
  • Up to 1-5 years of battery duration
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Loggs App & Cloud
  • Reliable and easy-to-use
  • Cost-effcient

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Pricing: Rent 5€ / month | Buy 59€ (VAT 0)


Effortless data transmission in the LoRaWAN network

Measuring temperatures and air humidity in real time, the Log-WAN connects directly to the regional LoRaWAN network for real-time data transmission without a need for SIM cards or separate link devices. The Log-WAN is an excellent solution for residence and office space circumstance monitoring.

Check the LoRaWAN network availability in your area:

  • Up to ten years of battery life
  • A clean appearance suitable for indoors
  • Supports LoRaWAN network technology
  • Precision of ±5.0 %RH ±1.0°C
  • Loggs App & Cloud
  • Easy to install and use

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Pricing: Rent 9€ / month | Buy 119€ (VAT 0)


Small, real-time temperature and humidity logger

Log-RF is a waterproof logger with a real time data connection to the Loggs Cloud. In its basic configuration the Log-RF monitors temperature and humidity. The real time data connection works via a CloudLink device, which a Log-RF datalogger connects to automatically if one is available within 50 meters (~160 feet). To ensure reliability, the Log-RF also has an internal memory that can hold up to 2000 measurements. The internal memory's history is uploaded to the Cloud automatically when an available CloudLink device is found within the range.

You can monitor temperature and humidity in real time by taking advantage of the Log-RF's connection to the Loggs Cloud and the Loggs App. The measurement interval can be configured to suit your needs.

Up to four different sensors can be connected to a Log-RF internally or externally to suit your needs. The possible sensors include CO2, air pressure, pressure difference, GPS and much more.

  • Real time cloud connection
  • Water proof
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Small: 95x25mm
  • Internal memory for up to 2 000 points of measurement
  • Up to 1-5 years of battery duration
  • CloudLink available
  • Loggs App & Cloud
  • Reliable and easy-to-use
  • Cost efficient

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Pricing: Rent 9€ / month | Buy 139€ (VAT 0)

Loggs Cloud

A Cloud service to save and secure your data

Loggs Cloud is an easy-to-use cloud service that stores all your measurement data. In the cloud service you can configure your devices and set up threshold values for alerts. In addition to monitoring your data on the Cloud, you can download the reports as Excel or PDF files. There is also wide range of modern web-interfaces to directly connect your system to the features of the Loggs Cloud.

The Loggs Cloud can also be customized for your specific needs. Contact us for information on our tailored solutions!

  • Data storage
  • User management
  • Email alerts
  • SMS-alerts
  • Configuration of measurement devices
  • PDF-reports
  • Excel-export and -reports
  • Open interface

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Loggs App

Android and iOS app to manage your measurement devices

The Loggs App turns your Android or iOS smartphone into an easy-to-use reading device for the Log-BT and gives you the ability to look up data from the Loggs Cloud at any time. Thanks to the Loggs App you won't need expensive and complex reading devices for the Log-BT since any Android or iOS phone reads the data via a Bluetooth connection. The Loggs App reads the data and automatically saves it to the Cloud.

The Loggs App also supports reading measurement data from Log-RF, Log-LR and Log-WAN loggers connected to the Loggs Cloud in real time.

Using the Loggs App, you can also configure your data loggers' settings, give them specific names and include additional information such as their location in them. Everything you need to do on the field can be handled effortlessly with your smart phone, allowing you to leave the laptop at the office.

The Loggs App is compatible with all of our products and services.

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Tailored Solutions

All the variables you need in one device

Loggs also offers tailored custom solutions for data collection and measuring.

Our devices can be tailored to measure just the specific things your company needs, in the way your company needs it.

The sensors can be integrated into the same device, attached to the logger by a cable, or wirelessly.

  • Air pressure
  • Water pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Position
  • GPS
  • Lightness
  • Sound
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • External data source

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