Our products and services suit a wide range of applications. Small and cost-efficient sensors combined with our mobile application and cloud service provide flexible solutions to versatile uses.

The Loggs App combined with the Loggs Cloud service offers the chance to monitor temperature and humidity circumstances (among many others) in real time while away from your workplace, and prove that your products have been transported without issues - or point out which part of the transportation chain could be improved.

Our data logging solutions have been used e.g to monitor cold chains in the medicine and food industries, to ensure safe transportation in logistics to avoid damage to the goods, and to monitor room temperatures and the drying of concrete at construction sites. New applications surface frequently, and we seek to answer these new needs with even better data logging solutions and sensors.

In addition to temperature and humidity loggers, we also provide custom solutions to fit your company's unique needs. All of our products can be fitted with several different sensors, covering applications of every kind.

  • Air pressure
  • Water pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Position
  • GPS
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • External data source

You can find more precise information on our products and pricing by taking a look at our product selection.

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